Our Firm

SFFG Group, INC. (DBA: SFG Group, LLC) is an independent financial services firm committed to helping Individuals, Families and Business Owners achieve their most desired financial goals and dreams.

We successfully accomplish these very important financial objectives through offering a wide range of products and services that historically have proven themselves to be the very best products and services available in the financial services marketplace.

SFG Group, LLC has carefully examined and selected a very special chain of financial services companies who have long proven themselves in the financial services industry. Not only are they among the very oldest of the companies in the industry but are also among the most highly recognized and most financially stable giants of the financial services industry. Delivering and servicing hundreds of millions of clients since their inception. Thereby, allowing Individuals, Families and Business Owners to make more intelligent financial decisions about their future along their journey to the achievement of all of their financial goals and dreams.  

SFG Group, LLC is also a very unique and exciting company to build and grow your professional knowledge, expertise and career with. Considering their continual diversification in their client services. Which results in greater financial rewards and security for you and your family. So, if you are considering a career change? SFG Group, LLC may very well be your best choice in companies to grow with? 

It is a wonderful opportunity for average men and women to be in business for themselves. But not by themselves. To control their own own hours, to meet their own personal goals and desires and achieve the level of financial and career success that they want. Not someone else's. And the best part is? You can begin part-time or full-time or even begin a second career with them. Without the fear and insecurity of having to give up the security of your family's full time job and income, while you are learning a new profession!

We are a very special company because we also offer a family atmosphere where our goal is always to DO THE RIGHT THINGS for the consumer and for our associates and their families. SFG Group, LLC could very well be your dream come true for you and your family! Just ask to speak to one of our company recruitors, for an interview!

Fundamental Financial Problems:

Most middle class families in our country today do not realize they face FIVE POTENTIALLY DEVASTATING financial problems in their lifetime:

1. Dying Too Soon

2. Uncontrolled Debt

3. Outliving Their Savings and Investments

4. Erosion of Their Assets

5. Lack of a Proper Personal Financial Education

At SFG, We offer 3 Promises:

1. HELP YOU SAVE MONEY OR REPOSITION MONEY WITHIN YOUR CURRENT BUDGET- This is our core belief, which starts with competitive AND low cost products. We also help you reposition your money to help you achieve the following:

  • Eliminating your debt, thru debt stacking, snowballing or debt consolidation;
  • Evaluate your insurance, ALL Insurance: Life, Health, Auto and Home;
  • Cut your taxes by maximizing your retirement accounts (such as IRA's) and,
  • Increase your contributions to your savings, emergency funds, and other necessary investments. Possibly, using money you are already spending that you did not know was available too you.

2. KEEP IT SIMPLE- We believe that the fundamentals of saving money are very simple. Beginning with "The Wealth and Income Planner. A Free personalized but confidential printout that provides a snapshot of your family's financial situation based on your current and discretionary income. Addressing such critical areas as debt, insurances, investments and other areas of your personal financial management. For example, answering such questions for you as: How can I reduce my debt sooner, including my mortgage(s) and many others? Allowing families to save more money, invest more money and achieve their financial goals and dreams perhaps many years sooner than what they are currently on track to do. SFG Group, LLC keeps everything as simple and easy to understand, as possible.

3. DO WHAT'S RIGHT FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY- We have kept SFG Group, LLC as an independent agency instead of a captive agency of any one company. Allowing us as a company to select the very best products and services that best fit our clients wants and needs. But are yet still highly competitive, still high quality and the most cost effective for the families we serve. Keeping our promises to always do what is right for you, your family and your business. Always with your best interests at heart. This is one of the many core beliefs that has made SFG Group, LLC such a great company for the consumer and it's representatives.

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