Our Mortgage Products - through American Financial Networks


We have just added a partnership with American Financial Network.

They provide all Conventional and non-conventional loans, and they also have loans through the "HARP" program.

Their website is :


To view the different loan products: please click on this link:


IF you would like a "QUOTE" or illustration on a 1st time Purchase or "New" home purchase? Or an Illustration on a Refinance or Debt Consolidation, or even to find out how to repair your current credit score?

Please call or email SFG Group, LLC.

Jeff at 928-300-2261-Business Mobile. Or 800-278-9022-Fax. Or email Jeff at jeff@sfggrp.com.

Please call or email SFG Group, LLC.

James at 928-863-2498-Business Mobile. Or 1.877.265.4087-Fax. Or email James at james@sfggrp.com.

 To apply for a loan on online, please use the following link:


And on the first page of the "ONLINE APPLICATION" Please use the following names under the "REFERRAL NAME " section/tab : Jeff / Diane Mills.

WE just added a New mortgage partner:





Thank You,

Jeff Simbric

James Robison