Our Philosophy

We believe that consumers should map their financial future in three simple steps:

1. Protect or replace your future income.

2. Accumulate assets by saving more of your own hard-earned income.

3. Protect your assets once you have accumulated significant savings.

4. Use our tax services to maximize your savings and reduce liabilities.

FAR (Financial Analysis Review) .WEALTH AND INCOME PLANNER is a program UTILIZED by SFG Group, LLC. A program that can and will help you take control of your financial life.

The process is simple ... YOU PROVIDE:

  • A listing of income and assets
  • A listing of debts
  • Savings and investment information
  • Current insurance information

An SFG Associate will enter this confidential data into its proprietary computer program.


  • Analyze your current financial position
  • Project your future income
  • Analyze your risk protection
  • Eliminate your debt
  • Increase your contributions to savings and investments
  • Provide a retirement review

Are you paying too much for debt?

  • Freeze debt payment amount
  • After each account is paid, add that payment to the next highest-interest debt
  • Do not incur additional debt

The ELIMINATING DEBT PROGRAM is only one example of the detailed help provided by SFG Group, LLC to help you save money. For the first time in your life, you may have a clear understanding of your financial picture and what you can do to accomplish your financial goals and dreams.

The "Wealth and Income Planner" is an exciting new system that is designed to help you better understand your cash flow and help you save even more money. To get more information about how the "Wealth and Income Planner" and how the system may work for you, simply fill out our contact form.

Are you paying too much for life insurance?

Term Life Insurance premium costs are dramatically less than other types of life insurance. But offers the policyholder in most cases, significantly higher coverage for their premium dollar. Versus Permanent Life insurance. For example: Permanent forms of life insurance like Whole Life insurance, Variable Life insurance and Universal Life insurance, etc... . Which not only includes some form of Term Life insurance but also automatically attaches a savings element to the policy called, "Cash Surrender Values" which increases the cost of your premium. Which historically, grows at a very low rate of return within the life insurance policy. Rarely, ever beating the current annual inflationary rate. Not to mention the significant drop in coverage on the policyholder for the same premium dollar spent on a Term life policy.

Buy low cost TERM ... and INVEST the difference!

Are you paying too much in taxes?

SFG Group, LLC (JS Tax Services) will review YOUR Retirement Accounts and we will help you take full advantage of tax-qualified programs. For example: You may qualify for an Individual Retirment Account (IRA) OR for a "Roth" IRA.

Are your savings and investments working for you?

SFG Group: Selective Registered Reps:  will help you select the investment or savings vehicles that have the potential to meet your goals.

For example:

  • Are your savings and investments earning enough to meet your short-term needs to buy a house? to fund college for your children?
  • Will you have enough money at retirement to fund the "extra" years beyond 67? Do you know how much money you will need to fund your retirement?

To get more information about how the Wealth and Income Planner tool may work for you, simply fill out our contact form.