Our Qualifications

At SFG Group, LLC we have been working with Individuals, Families and Business Owners for many, many years.

Each of our licensed representatives have extensive professional experience and have been trained to provide superior service to our clients. Regardless of the needs and questions that our clients may have.

Many hold various professional designations. Qualified representatives are licensed to sell a variety of financial services products such as: insurances, retirement and annuity products.

We are dedicated to developing lasting relationships with all our clients by always putting the client first and foremost in the products and services that we select and provide. That's why we would never recommend that our clients buy anything that we ourselves would not own or buy on our own lives. We believe in helping you assess your own financial goals and dreams. Personally participating in the management of your personal and business finances.

One of the major benefits of working with us is our ability to provide clear, easily understood explanations of financial products and services. The Free personalized program or "Wealth and Income Planner" that we can provide for Individuals, Families and Businesses and their Employees is a roadmap to working toward a more secure financial future for both they and their families.

We are looking forward to using our knowledge, experience and expertise to help you pursue the financial goals and dreams that you desire!

Unlimited Opportunity

Introducing a dynamic company committed to the concepts and philosphies of "Buy Term - Reduce Debt - Invest the Difference." Our independence and freedom as a company allows us to represent the interests of our clients, first, through our CORE product: Term Life, but with the capabilites to offer Return of Premium Term or products like Universal Life/Fixed Indexed Universal Life for Estate planning when the needs of our clients demand and justify such use.

Become part of a Company of Destiny!  A real Company of Promise!

Make More Money With a time-tested and proven system that can and will reward you above and beyond your dreams!

Take Pride  Of the competitive products and services that you can offer your clients

Be Powerfully Equipped - You can take full advantage of our nationwide network of business experts. (Which also helps provide all the technical support, product support, training support , organizational support, as well as all the other tools you will need for your individual and organizational success both financially and as a career.)

Be Part of Our Family - Enjoy the camaraderie of being part of a rapidly growing network of independent businessmen and women, where even our top executives are working for your future and your individual success, not just their own. 

SFG Group, LLC offers:

1. An unlimited opportunity for building your own business whether you're looking to establish a professional small part time business or an empire professionally that will not only outlast your lifetime but that will also leave a legacy for your family to carry on, once they are licensed and registered. Or to just reap the financial rewards of your efforts, from. 

2. A leading and competitive edge in the marketplace using concepts that really can and will work for your clients for generations to come.

We feel so confident about our future and our ability to serve the needs of our clients and representatives that we have even created a family atmosphere within our company. A place where our representatives can come to and call it their Home away from Home. We are the perfect "HOME" for those who are looking for the following philosophies to live by in their business lives, such as:

  • A belief that clients always come first, with our "needs-based" solutions for both income protection and asset accumulation and/or asset preservation.
  • A belief in helping middle income families achieve total debt freedom and financial independence.
  • Outstanding support from a nationwide network that stands by and believes in our philosophies and our mission for our clients and our representatives.
  • A completely "simple" marketing system that is as easy to learn as counting 1-2-3.
  • Freedom to operate and grow your own business to what ever size and income that You Want for you and your family.
  • Highly-competitive and low cost products and services that really work for your client.
  • Balance between upfront and deferred compensation.
  • Health Insurance benefits for certain contract levels
  • An attractive compensation and rewards package for both personal and organizational production and agency building levels.
  • Renewal commissions
  • A home-based business opportunity where you can either work from your own home or from an office outside your home.

A home is someplace you never want to leave. If this sounds like "home" to you then read on ... and give SFG Group, LLC a call. Or you may fill out our contact form at our website at:  www.sfggroupinc.com. Thank You.

Thank you,

Jeff R. Simbric

President & CEO

928-300-2261 - Business Moble


SFG Group and SFFG Group Inc., is looking to fulfill UPPER level management position within the company.

Please send Resume to: Admin@sffggrp.com or Jeff@sffggrp.com